If you want to hold an incredible banquet or a stag party, we suggest to rely on us. We are open to your ideas, there is no impossible things for us! We suggest you to try our proposed entertainment – Exotic strip party. Beautiful girls will serve You 4 exotic dishes, you will see an unbelievable top – less waitresses and their unique show. Just get ready to enjoy Your meal together with most beautiful Vilnius striptease girls! You will taste your dishes together with traditional Lithuanian beer even for 2 hours. Trust us, this night is going to be special for you in your life. Best strippers of Vilnius and delicious dinner will charge up Your body and mind. Hot, naughty, sexy strippers all around You will help open Your fantasies doors. They will make You feel like in heaven! Believe us, sometimes dreams are coming true.

  • 4 dishes.
  • Top-less service.
  • Top-less show program.
  • Complimentary transportation with limousine to “4Play” club (In the range of Vilnius city).
  • Unlimited beer for 1,5 hours.
  • Priority entrance to the best VIP strip clubs.

99 € / person
*Price counted for groups not less than 5 persons.
You don't need to pay for the Entrance, just for the drinks!

You pay 20€ and then you can choose 2 Drinks or 1 Premium Class Drink from our Welcome Drinks Menu!
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