*Private dance for groups up to 5 persons price: 90 €, 18 €/person.
*Private dance for group from 6-10 persons price: 150€, 15€/person.
**Private dance for groups up to 5 persons’ price: 170€, 34€/person.
**Private dance for groups from 6-10 persons’ price: 250€, 25€/person.

Into the price includes:
  • Entrance to the club.
  • Chosen option of private dance.
  • 1 drink/person (beer).
The service is available from 4:00 p.m. (with prior reservation) to 6:00 a.m.
*Dance duration 5 minutes.
**Dance duration 10 minutes.
You don't need to pay for the Entrance, just for the drinks!

You pay 20€ and then you can choose 2 Drinks or 1 Premium Class Drink from our Welcome Drinks Menu!
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