This is one of our newest, funnest and most popular services. When you pedal the bike, you can enjoy the fasctinating views of the old town city and without a doubt you attract the attention of those around you. You will be served by a charming waitress to the sound of cheerful music. You are guaranteed a good mood and the attention of everyone around you.

With this bike – bar in the same time can ride 14 persons, but cycle only 10 of all group. On this bike can cycle men and women. This bar on wheels has a roof, for this reason it is suitable to be used in the rain. We reccommend to rent this bike not less than 6-8 persons because it will be too dificult to cycle, since the bicycle has no engine, the only power it is you, and to ensure your safety, the bar on wheels will be driven by our driver.

If you are sometimes a single tourist or a local resident, you are a group of friends of two or three persons, do not be shy and register online or call our hotline, because we collect groups until we gather the optimal number of people. It could be an interesting experience and a great opportunity to meet new people and have a great time.


From 35 €/person
* The price is negotiated individually, depending on the number of people.

Interested? Have more questions?
Do not wait and contact us by e-mail. By mail or by phone because the number of places is rapidly disappearing.

You don't need to pay for the Entrance, just for the drinks!

You pay 20€ and then you can choose 2 Drinks or 1 Premium Class Drink from our Welcome Drinks Menu!
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