Nightclub and cocktail bar

This is a perfect place for your party all night long till dawn. Afternoon with cocktail or smoking hookah, evening spent while watching erotic perfomance or maybe morning spent surrounded by girls?

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You don't need to pay for the Entrance, just for the drinks!

You pay 20€ and then you can choose 2 Drinks or 1 Premium Class Drink from our Welcome Drinks Menu!
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Refreshing smoke of hookah, lovely and quiet aura is prepared for you...


Strip zone

Beutiful girls, pleasant communication, incredible and stunning erotic performances of the highest choreographical level...


Stag do

Variety of games, surprising and professional erotic performances, special offer for limited budget, stunning girls, fun in a Jacuzzi or private performances...


Hen do party

Bachelorette party at a strip club? Never before happened in Vilnius.. It is something new and different, something magical and intriguing.